Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Anna's Letter to the MPs

Subject: My sincere appeal to prevent introduction of the anti-poor Lokpal Bill passed by the Cabinet

Like many of you I have been serving my country to strengthen democracy at the grass roots. Like many of you all my efforts have been focused on reducing the sufferings of the common man, the poor farmer, worker or service person. Again like many of you I have seen from very close quarters how corruption hurts the poor most. READ

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  1. I support Anna’s letter to the MP’s and request all of them to come forward with the people’s agenda. Basically the democracy like ours has lot of limitations. The system of Parliament has no scope for any independent and pro-people thinking. There is no scope for any open heart and open mind discussion in Parliament as it is a biased forum. MP’s are merely bonded laborers of there parties and they have to act according to the whip issued by their parties. A member of Congress will never oppose any BILL by his party and a member of BJP or other party will never appreciate a BILL introduced by Congress. That’s why can never think to have any healthy discussion in Parliament. This is first time in India when the common people are discussing any BILL. This is time for the MP’s to establish their credibility (which they have completely lost) and to be associated with the peoples aspirations.